Secret Affairs in the Nude Millenium

Master 3 Base31 Done2

Need help after wife’s Affair

I actually do not know how to start but here it goes and will try to keep it to the point . we started dating in march 2005 and were really happy until I decided to go to University about 4 hours away to get higher education in 2009. We argues many times and seem like long distance was hurting this relationship. I came to see her every month as I was really busy with my projects. December 2009, I met some of her friends and we celebrated new years together. I noticed a strange change in her behavior in January and I asked what was wrong. After asking 100 times, she told me that she has made a mistake of sleeping with one the guy friends and she has feelings for him. I felt devastated and did not know what do for few months.

We still talked even though she told me that this would not work out. After few months I came back and decided to give it one more chance as I still had feelings for her. We started again and felt like we were doing even better.. After a year in 2011 I decided that I want to spend rest of my life with her and she said and we got married. within 2 years of marriage we had difference of opinion and argued multiple times and i though it was fine. I did everything I could to make her happy. I sacrificed many times just so she does not much stress or she can do things she wants to do (e.g. travel, parties) , I am saying this from emotional support as well as financial point of view.

A month ago, my friend who spends times with us told me that you and your wife need to talk about sometimes. I was confused and asked my wife directly to see what is going on. It turns out she slept wit her manager at work after 1 year of her cheating with the guy before. Again, I had to ask her 100 times to get the truth out of her. she had feelings for the second guy and slept 4 times before marriage and 3 times after. she kept crying and told me she is extremely sorry and she knows she has messed up really big and she wanted………………

I am Married but in love with a married man

Cancer Sex

I need advice. My husband and I have just recently married after knowing each other for less than 2 years. While dating him i got pregnant hence the reason for marriage. We broke up numerous times before we got married and he was always very insecure. We fought a lot but I always stayed because of my children. About 2 months before our marriage I fell in love with a guy from our church. He is a lot like me in personality and gentle and we share the same interests. We tell each other that we love each other with all our hearts everyday. I have told him many times that i couldn’t do this anymore with him and he has always told me that he respects my wishes. But I feel like i cant go on the day without hearing from him and i always call him back and i tell him that i would never stop loving him. He never hesitates to take the time to listen to me and is always……………


Master 3 Base31 Done2

Table of Content

*************************SECTION ONE*************************

My Wife had on affair WOW! Now what

Found out my wife had an affair, came here in search of reasonable people & opinions

Help me!!!..I’ve had an affair and now don’t know what to do                   

Can former affair partners still work together?

Husband had emotional affair now what?

Online Affair and What Could Have Happened                     

Need help after wife’s Affair

My wife had multiple affairs

I am Married but in love with a married man

Husband flirting on facebook – Help Please – sorry it’s so long

What do I do if I can’t trust my husband???? Help Me Please!!

Caught my wife cheating…                     

How does an affair start?

I think I like a guy that is engaged!

Deception and Affair

Wife cheated, should I stay or go

Wife Cheated, trying to fix things.. what about her Girlfriend?

i am married and in love with a married man

Wife dancing with another guy???

If you knew a friend was cheating would you tell?

Falling for an engaged man

How do I tell my best friend her husband is cheating on her?

What to do with a husband you can’t trust?

I’ve fallen for a man who’s engaged…

I found out my husband requested escort service.

Price pay after the affair

My Wife Had Affair then another

The other women was

Who to pick

My wife of 3 years cheated. How do I know how far she went

Using an escort service & escorts

I am married and so is he-my heart is broken

Once a Cheater Always a Cheater (part 1)

I need to know – Please help! Exes and facebook problem

Cheating spouse! Question help

Cheated wife

I’ve been living with a married man for 8 years!!!!

Falling for an almost engaged girl… don’t know what to do..

Are these signs he is cheating?

Emotional Affair (him) and (me)drinking Help!!

Is he cheating?

Husband turned on by my kissing another guy–HELP

Husband talking to women on the internet

I’m in love with a woman that is engaged

Not my pants in my closet (long)

Can I trust him again?

Stay friends with Engaged Man or Not?

Wife going to bars without me often

If you caught him cheating questions

Would you leave if you caught him cheating?

Confused about affair

Women! Was I used or loved?

Involved with a man who is engaged to be married

Signs that she cheated

That call girl thing

What Does a Fling Mean Before Marriage?

Am I special or is this engaged man just a cheater?

Cheating friends, what do you think?

Would YOU take him back? – {Ever Quest Part 2}

Fallen for engaged woman. need advice

So i have this neighbor

My fiancé’s new friend…

My spouse says he needs to go out without me

Curiosity kills that cat. I need help!

Older men and sex

Surrounded by exes!!!

Husband caught cheating xmas eve

Sexless marriage/unfaithful spouse

Would you think he is cheating?

Unfaithful before marriage

Wife’s First Affair

Should I give someone who cheated in the past on an ex, a chance?

********************SECTION TWO********************

I Never Meant To Be So Cold.

My Roller Coaster Ride In Limbo Land..

My Affair

Now What…

I Wasn’t Fair

It Was The Best Of Times….

One Sided Open Marriage?

Biggest Mistake Of My Life!

I Am Confused And Welcome Advise..

Our Story

Why Did You Do It??

I Am A Married Woman And Had An Affair With A Single Man

Frisky Neighbor

It Changes Your Life Forever

Game Over 060513

I Am In Love With A Married Man Whom I Never Met

****no Contact****

Slow Down So We Don’t Get Caught

Never Again

Go Ahead

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right But It Does Help….

When Did The Affair Start?

GPS Tracking Device For Sale, Affair Over!

Making Sense Out Of It All……

Yes, I Had An Affair

Having Your Cake And Eating It?

Still Struggling

Me Too , And I Don’t Regret It

Affair After 34 Years

I Cheated

*************************SECTION THREE*************************

4 month affair – fallen for each other, but hopeless situation

Should I let my ex-mistress know my wife and I are coming back to town?


Would my married older man college staff member have an affair with me??

OM going hot/cold & confused

Very confused….

Going with NC….

Premature poster (thanks iPhone) and disappointed in myself..

Husband Having an Affair

I am the other woman, should I tell her he’s cheating?

What the hell am I doing …seriously?

I am married, having an affair! I don’t know how to get out

Affair with a close friend and neighbor

Is it possible to mess around twice without going all the way?

MY Husband can not get over his lover, what do I do?

Double Life

I’m having an affair

Affair with a married woman

After the divorce and affair…

Dilemma over affair

I suspect my husband has an affair, but he denies, how do I find out the truth?

My husband had an affair with someone he went to high school with

Wife had one night lesbian affair with friend

What now?

I’m Having An Affair w/Married Man

Is cheater always wrong?


An affair gone too far.


I’m married and I’m Having an Affair…

I’m pregnant and he cheated

Question for those having affairs with Married Person

Master 3 Base31 Done2

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23 thoughts on “Secret Affairs in the Nude Millenium

  1. Hilarious, as always. Magnificently endowed midgets, an Adonis of a stripper known only as THUNDER, a cruise ship performer- the conquests stack up rather quickly and fortunately for the reader nearly always end in tears and/or vodka. They are willing to skewer themselves for the cause of a good joke and this book is full of them. Definitely not for the easily offended or delicately sensible.

  2. I was embarrassed reading this book in public. I was getting a pedicure while reading parts of it and swore the pedicurist had xray vision, could see what I was reading, and subsequently thought I was a huge perv. This is supported by the crappy pedicure I recieved. Regardless, this book is hilarious. A perfect trashy beach read. I cannot fathom that parts of it were not embelished for hilarity’s sake, but hilarious it was. Let this be your guilty, guilty pleasure.

  3. I hope for the sake of the innocent and guilty that the names in this kiss and tell book were changed. Actually that should be more like–have sex with and tell, but that’s beside the point.

  4. Cue the drama! Not only do the girls get into it behind the scenes, but on set too. Backstabbing, a cat fight, secrets revealed – it was a complete mess for these three. Seriously, there were times when I just wanted to slap some sense into them so they would just get along.

  5. a man would gladly give money to a woman, as long as she loves him. sadly, this is true, money plays a big part in relationships today with men and women, money controls almost everything. for me though, I want a respectable girlfriend, wife, or whatever, someone I can count on no matter what, who will always be there for m, loyal, and I can do the same for her. of course physical attraction is important too.

  6. What I know about woman isn’t important because it isn’t much.I have been married twice and still don’t understand them.As far as I’m concerned they live in a different world then men and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.They are hard wired deferentially then men and that will never change.As long as I live I will ENJOY being around them because they are in most cases a lot of fun.One of my very best friends was female and we had a lot of good times together.I very much enjoyed the time we were able to spend together and miss her as she passed a while ago at 60 yrs.old To young but that’s life.Long story short guys ENJOY the ladies while you can, they can be a load of fun.

  7. I am shocked. Women don’t go for the guy who has a great sense of humor and is a very nice person? But that’s what they all say. They are lying?

      • hopefully Sharon… please understand that It’s difficult to accept all the useless jiberish coming from one’s single mom. It’s not the reality which hard to digest.. but the lies fed to us for years. Back to basics… me caveman… me grab hair

  8. Women are manipulative by their very nature and all men have done is reinforce that so its the white knights and manginas who keep this facade in strength otherwise they would crumble.

    • women are equal so why do they need a good provider? shouldnt they be providing for themselves like we have to? and protect from what exactly? men could say we need all of those three things but we dont, and I dont see anything there that MEN need!!

    • in fact I believe the most important thing a man wants from a woman she cannot provide and that is loyalty, something that comes naturally to me & most men i believe.

      • Eddy Reed Women always look for the newest and best thing. Be that a new mans wealth or his status. My woman is quite loyal. I believe it depends on the person, not the gender. If we talk statistically, men are definitely more promiscuous and disloyal. She has never given me reason to doubt her, granted I’m a trusting man. I will trust her until the day I die or she proves me wrong. Although, that may be is just my ignorance and self-denial. I don’t know where you get your information from good sir, but it is definitely not from my part of the world.

  9. What makes it better for men to go with hot women than for women to go with rich guys? At least money is someone theoretically anyone could earn. But you can’t change the way you look, at least not without dangerous and expensive procedures. Going with a woman for her looks is shallow, and going with a man for his money is shallow. The two are pretty much equally bad, imo.

    • I’d agree they’re equally bad, but I don’t get your point about the attainability of money vs. looks. Except in the case of some disfiguring injury or disease, they’re both something you attain and/or maintain. Very few people are especially attractive without consciously taking care of themselves, just as very few people are rich without having done the work to get there.

      • But looks are in the eye of the beholder. You have the 50% that looks above average, and the 25% or so under that will do well anyway. Money is a different game, you CANNOT earn it, it is bequeathed, it depends on which class you were born. Class mobility is almost inexistent for practical reasons, and the curve is very skewed: only a few men earn lots of money. Those are the ones going from girl to girl until they choose one, the rest of us must watch and weep or go outside the system.

  10. “Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as reality, an objective and untouched nature of being. Or if all that we encounter has already been changed by what we had imagined it to be. If we have dreamed it into being.”

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